Friday, December 31, 2010

Yik Mun, The Famous Tanjung Malim Pau Since 1926.

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Mention about Tanjung Malim had been known for its Sultan Idris Teacher’s Training College (now known as Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris) and Proton City. Many famous people have stopped here for the pau! Even before Proton City had opened. Even that the great cartoonist, LAT stopped here for the same reason too.

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The Yik Mun which is running in HALAL concept is located at the junctions of Tanjung Malim old entrance. If we are coming from the Tanjung Malim Toll Plaza, drive straight until you see a flyover bridge. Take left until you get into the old road towards Tanjung Malim. Drive past 2 traffic lights until you stop at the third one. When you stop at the third traffic light, look on your right and you’ll see the Yik Mun Coffee shop.

19 (1 of 1) Yik Mun Coffee shop business hours from 9.00am to 10.00pm

Yik Mun owns 4 outlets coffee shops, which are Restaurants in Tg Malim Town, R&R Ulu Bernam PLUS highway to K.L., Hartamas Shopping Centre K.L. and fast Food Shop in Jaya Jusco 1U K.L..


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There are four flavours, which are Pau Daging (Beef), Pau Ayam (Chicken), Pau Kaya and Pau Kacang (Beans). I tasted the Kacang, Chicken and Beef.

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The Pau is soft, fresh, smells good and definitely tastes good. I wish my face also as soft as the bun :D. We also ordered kopi-o,  Cantonese mee and chicken rice. All taste delicious!

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11 (1 of 1) Pau sold in pack of 10pcs for "tapau" and to be enjoyed at home with family 

20 (1 of 1) Yik Mun published by the Press..


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