Sunday, May 6, 2012

Johore Premium Outlets (JPO)




Johore Premium Outlets was officially opened on December 11, 2011 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. You can now buy your favorite brands at discounted prices at over 80 stores. Opens from 10am to 10 pm 7 days a week including public holidays.

visitjohorpremiumoutlet How to go to Johor Premium Outlets using location map:

Johor Premium Outlets, located at the intersection of the North-South Expressway and the Second Link Expressway, officially opened on 11 December 2011. The center is highly accessible to all traffic going to and from Johor and Singapore. It is about an hour drive from the City of Singapore, about 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur and only a short distance from Senai International Airport.




The official addressPremium Outlets® is a portfolio of outlet shopping centers which brings together the finest brands in unique outdoor settings and offers impressive savings of 25 to 65 percent every day. Each center is a shopping attraction and destination in its own right offering:

 Factory-direct savings of 25% to 65% every day

 A distinctive, upscale store mix of leading designers and quality name brands

 A location that is easily accessible and near other attractions

 An attractive setting making shopping an exciting and pleasant experience for the whole family

Designer and name brand outlet stores at savings of 25% to 65% everyday. Adidas, Aldo, Armani, Burberry, Bonia, Camel Active, Canali, Charles & Keith, Cotton On, Coach, Crocs, DKNY, Esprit, Estee Lauder, Evita Peroni, Eye Spy, Fossil, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gap, Guess, Lacoste, La Senza, Levi’s, Loreal, Michael Kors, Miss Sixt, Nike, Padini, Pedro, Polo, Puma, Oroton, Ralph Lauren, Royal Selangor, Roxy, Samsonite, Seed, Salvatore Ferragamo, Swiss Watch Gallery, Timberland, Vicci, Wacoal, Universal Traveller, Tumi and more.







The address of Johor Premium Outlets is:

Jalan Premium Outlets

Indahpura, 81000, Kulaijaya, Johor

From Kuala Lumpur via Plus North-South Highway:

Exit the interchange to Nusajaya/Pontian/Tanjung Pelepas/Tuas (Exit253) in the direction to Singapore 2nd link.

Take the next exit to Senai Airport/Ulu Tiram (Route E 304). Please be careeful not to take the Tanjung Pelepas/Tuas direction. In case you do, then proceed until you reach the Lima Kedai Toll. Do not enter the toll but instead make a U-turn to your right and go until you see the Senai Airport exit. Proceed from there and you will see the Johor Premium Outlets after 600 meters.

Alternatuvely, you can exit 252 Kulaijaya/Kota Tinggi (this exit comes before the exit 253 described before). Proceed to Kulaijaya from there, and go until you see the IOI Mall/Indahpura interchange. Proceed to Indahpura Jaya on your right and then go straight until you meet the second roundabout. Take the 9 O'clock turn and proceed straight until you see the Johor Premium Outlet. However, this route into Kulaijaya town is often congested and you are advised to take Exit 253 (as described before), which is faster and without traffic congestion.

From Singapore 2nd Link via Tuas:

Exit the Lima Kedai Toll and proceed to the Senai Airport Exit E 304 from your left. After 600 meters, you will see the Johor Premium Outlet on your left.

From Johor Bahru via the Plus North-South Highway:

Exit from the first interchange to Tuas/Pontian and continue until you see the Lima Kedai Toll. Do not enter the Toll House, but instead, make a U-Turn on your right. After that, proceed until you see the Senai Airport exit to 304. Follow into the exit and after a short distance (600 meters), you will see the Johor Premium Outlet on your left.

This route is longer than the alternative route described below but traffic is scarce. It is the fastest route.

Alternatively, you can take the second exit E 304 to Tuas/Kuala Lumpur. However, you will have to pass through Senai town, which is usually heavy with traffic. This Tuas/Kuala Lumpur exit is a short distance after Senai Town. After exiting a short distance, you will see the Johor Premium Outlet on your left.

Another alternative route is to go beyond Saleng town. After you see the Macdonald Sign post on your left, a short distance from there, you will see the IOI Mall/Indahpura exit. Take the exit up the interchange and proceed into Indahpura Jaya. Proceed straight until you meet the second roundabout. Take the 9 O'clock turn and after passing Foon Yew High School, you will see the Johor Premium Outlet signboard.

From the Kulai/Kulaijaya old trunk road going towards Senai.

From Kulai Town, proceed to Kulaijaya and then take the exit to IOI Mall/Indahpura. Take a right turn from there and go into Indahpura Jaya Town. Proceed until you see the second round-about, then turn left. After passing Foon Yew High School, you will meet a new six lane highway leading to Johor Premium Outlet.

If you are coming from Senai Town, then go pass Macdonald Sign Board and thence to the exit to IOI Mall/Indahpura junction. Go straight and after you see the second round-about, take the 9 O'clock turn and pass the Foon Yew High School until you see the Johor Premium Outlets.

For those who don't drive

For those who can't drive and who wish to visit JPO, there is a schedule bus service to JPO. Bus schedules are available at --- Causeway Link also picks up passengers from Singapore via another service. However, please note that the service provided by Causeway link consist of two seperate routes. It picks up passengers from Singapore and drops them at the two Customs and Immigration checkpoints at Tuas and Johor Bahru. It then runs another service to JPO from these two Custom's check points. Return routes is from JPO to the custom check points and then to Singapore. For those from the North, Causeway Link operates an hourly bus service from the two customs checkpoints to JPO.






_MG_0308 As I step in to the supposed shopping paradise, I was eager to see if I can really get a discount or two. With 80 stores in all, I can’t really pick up many good buys because not everything is super real cheap. Some are just slightly cheaper than usual which makes the price the same as outside stores on discounts as well.