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Serikin Market - Sarawak Attraction

Serikin Market, Sarawak 62


Serikin is a tiny little village near the border of Sarawak with the Indonesia. It is takes about 1 ½ hours drive from Kuching City. During the weekends traders from across the border and nearby areas come to offer their wares and produce. They hawk authentic Indonesia sarongs, household items and food ranging from farm produce such as vegetables and fruits to seafood and meats. Along the way are also makeshift roadside markets selling anything from antiques to wild ornamental plants, exotic orchids to equally exotic fruits, local kueh to all types of pulut and fragrant locally grown rice sometimes recently harvested.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 1


We reached there around 7 am and the parking place is still empty. The parking charge is RM2.00.

Serikin Market, Sarawak 2

Serikin Market, Sarawak 4

You might think that the Serikin weekend market is just like any other weekend markets like our Satok market. Well for me I found that most of the things at Serikin market tend to have Indonesian flavour especially the sarong – colours and designs are of Indonesian character.

Serikin Market, Sarawak 3

Serikin Market, Sarawak 5


Being there is surreal - As vendors try to sell their goods, potential customers have to navigate not only through thick crowds of pedestrians but also traffic weaving in and out of the small lane.

Serikin Market, Sarawak 37


It's the atmosphere, the stalls and the goods being sold that give the impression that you have been transported back in time to when things were simpler.

Serikin Market, Sarawak 6

Serikin Market, Sarawak 7

An LV fan? Just pick one at the cheapest price ever! Sigh.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 8

The prices here are very much cheaper, and haggling is part of the custom.Along the borders of Sarawak and Kalimantan lies the town of Serikin. This particular border town would have remained insignificant if not for the 'Serikin Market,' offering everything from everyday household items to more exotic items such as leeches and gecko/lizard.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 64

Famous lizard looked like "tokek" (just wild guess) are also sold here in a plastic container. I thought that they are only toys only then realized when I saw they moving. Believe it or not, the price can reach few thousand MYR as they claimed to heal critical disease like cancer & HIV.


Every weekend the border village of Serikin in Bau District near here comes alive with the bustle of traders offering all kinds of wares and shoppers hunting for a bargain. The village, which lies close to the Sarawak-Kalimantan border, is well known for its market among locals, tourists and Indonesians. The traders at the market are from Indonesia, usually crossing the border on Friday afternoons to set up their stalls for the following day.

Generally there are more people on Saturdays than Sundays, and the most common items sought after are mats, mattresses and vegetables. The market started in 1992. At that time, Indonesian traders asked the locals to help them sell their goods. Now the Indonesians themselves come over to sell their goods.

Serikin Market, Sarawak 16

Serikin Market, Sarawak 18

Beautiful embroided cloth for Muslim women used for pray. Different fabrics eg; French cotton & normal cotton are available.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 19

Colourful ready made curtains waiting to be purchased. But, make sure you know the measurement. 


Serikin Market, Sarawak 20 

Serikin Market, Sarawak 11

 Serikin Market, Sarawak 66

Lots of branded bags. Just name it! 


Serikin Market, Sarawak 22

What is amazing about the place is that it is isolated to a certain part of Serikin town. The market stretches out over three kilometres along a narrow road. The road is not closed to traffic, and is usually filled with tourists buses and bargain hunters.

Serikin Market, Sarawak 28

Serikin Market, Sarawak 23

See! They even sell hand made furniture (rattan).  The quality is good and most importantly, negotiable price.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 24


Serikin Market, Sarawak 9

 Serikin Market, Sarawak 15

Serikin Market, Sarawak 26


Serikin Market, Sarawak 27 Serikin Market, Sarawak 10

All types of kitchen wares are also sold at this market. You can see different sizes of pan & pots. Make sure you have paid for extra luggage if you intend to buy & bring back home for you mother.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 13 

Serikin Market, Sarawak 29

As the market is located at the border of Malaysia & Indonesia (at the equator), the weather easily get hotter as it reaches 9 am above. So, if you forget to bring your hat / sunglass, no worries because you can pick any favourite design from the rack.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 32

Some of gifts you can buy & bring back.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 14 

Serikin Market, Sarawak 12

Serikin Market, Sarawak 21


Serikin Market, Sarawak 33

Serikin Market, Sarawak 34

Nice printed shirts and jackets.   

Serikin Market, Sarawak 35

Junk food like fruit pickles, nuts, chips arranged nicely in the big jars. If you feel like munching while you shop, just pick any of your liking. 


Serikin Market, Sarawak 38

Serikin Market, Sarawak 39

Serikin Market, Sarawak 40

Serikin Market, Sarawak 41

Serikin Market, Sarawak 42

Serikin Market, Sarawak 43

At the end of the market, there are sellers who sold vegetables and fruits from nearby village. I can spot sweet potatoes, ripe tomatoes, durian, lemon grass, petai and many more.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 46

I guess this is the goat skin but not sure what is the function. Perhaps, it looks nice to be laid on the living room?


Serikin Market, Sarawak 47 

Serikin Market, Sarawak 50

Serikin Market, Sarawak 52


Serikin Market, Sarawak 45

Serikin Market, Sarawak 44

 Serikin Market, Sarawak 54

More fabrics... I am sure ladies will be soooo excited to come to the market. Lots of choices & type of fabrics to be selected. Most of the fabrics are brought from Indonesia and with colourful embroidery.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 53

Cute purses, bracelet, handphone casing made from Sarawak beads for perfect holiday gift.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 55

Serikin Market, Sarawak 56

Serikin Market, Sarawak 57

Serikin Market, Sarawak 58

Serikin Market, Sarawak 59

Serikin Market, Sarawak 60

Rings for men. Collectors will definitely charm with the variety of colour & size.


Serikin Market, Sarawak 63

Serikin Market, Sarawak 65



So the next time you are in Kuching, do stop by Serikin Market (about 60km from Kuching city) to check out the wide variety of goods for sale and to soak in a bit of nostalgia. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin


  1. This market is only open on weekend (if not mistaken from the locals...he) Thanks...

  2. Do we need passport to visit the market(malaysian but from west malaysia)?or just IC will do?

    1. passport and IC are not necessary..

  3. Yes, this market open on weekend only.

  4. Kurami (thank you) for promoting my village.

    1. You're welcome.. it is an interesting place. I hope be there again..

  5. what time the market close?

  6. sorry, not sure, I think evening.. normally visitor go there early morning because it was too hot even after 10am.. i reached there about 7am and can't wait to leave at 11am..

  7. can i cross the border into indonesia for hour or 2..just to say i've been there? (UK traveller)

    1. LOL... sure..sure.. but make sure you reach the border..

  8. The market close around 6pm (Saturday) and 12pm on Sunday. =)

  9. hi,can i ask that what time the market will open on Saturday?

  10. Hi Jun, I reached there at 7am, mostly people start coming at 8am..